working-mom_2513251bWhat Virtual Assistant is?


VA is a self-employed Assistant who works remotely, usually online from home. VA does a lot of the same tasks an in-office assistant would do. The only difference is that a VA works virtually through telecommunication and online connections.

VA can work as a freelancer for only the hours or tasks you need it for. You can also hire a VA for only one task, one project, on monthly basis or as-needed basis.





home-office-desk-1240238Why hiring a Virtual Assistant?


Hiring a VA has a lot of benefits!

A VA is a self-employed independent contractor, so you do not need to think about payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker’s compensation, over time.

  • No office space or office equipment required
  • No employee benefits i.e. insurance, medical care, allowances, etc …
  • No employee training
  • No agency fees as with temporary employees



You just pay for the time and the task you ask for.

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