Our team


Delegate Rasha has different work teams, each of these teams has a specific purpose that justifies their creation.

Consumer studies team
We have a team of trained, professional expertise to deal with different consumer studies and analyze their behavior through qualitative and quantitative research.
Healthcare team (medical team)
We are keen on providing a healthcare team of doctors, scientists and pharmacists who are also specialized in research to help your company measure the effectiveness of their products and to collect accurate data based on the opinions and feedbacks of patients.
Artificial Intelligence/Sentiment analysis team
A team that understands how social media is changing the world!.
At Delegte Rasha we realized the importance of having a team to collect all different data on social media platforms to analyze it and make the best use of it.

Our team of sentiment analysis

We are proud to be the only specialized marketing research vendor in Egypt in sentiment analysis by using the most updated methods.

Social media researchers
Social media analysts
Social media taggers
Artificial Intelligence

Our AI team is specialized in neuro-marketing studies where our AI programmers measure the customers’ responses to different stimuli material using the technique of face-recognition.

After the analysis, the programmer also writes an emotion-script based on facial expressions that shows different reactions and feelings that occurred at different times while watching the stimuli material.