Moderation is a very sensitive task that has to be entrusted by experienced and knowledgeable moderators, for that reason Rasha herself is responsible for providing that service.

That task starts with a brief meeting to understand the requirements and to collect the information needed.

Rasha works on recognizing the verbal and non-verbal responses, like the tone of the voice, emotions and body language to fully get the message getting by the respondent.

Rasha has a professional team of translators that provides translation of:

  • All languages form and to Arabic
  • Different Arabic dialects
  • Medical documents
  • Technical documents
  • Discussion guides
  • Screeners
  • Diaries
  • Stimuli material
  • Ad concepts
  • Questionnaires
  • Verbatim
  • Code frames

Rasha’s team of transcribers provide the service the way you want it to be, it can be full verbatim with 99% accuracy (word-by-word) or a clean read/smart transcription that removes repetitions and corrects any grammatical errors; your document will be just relevant to the content.


We can do:

Arabic <> Arabic transcription

English <> English transcription

Arabic <> English transcription

According to how you need the information to be presented in the grid, Rasha’s team offers the content analysis in both Arabic and English and can advise you about the level of analysis to choose either summarized or comprehensive.

You can request the service you like, or the whole subtitling process from the start to the end, including:

  • Transcribing the speech
  • Translating the speech to the language of your choice
  • Frame accurate time-coding to accurately synchronize subtitles with each scene.
  • Creating SRT files
  • Burning SRT with videos
  • Uploading videos with big sizes

After finishing the transcription and content analysis, Delegate Rasha will handle you a precise report based on the analyzed data to summarize the effects of the written context on the audience

Social media has become our new norm in our day-to-day life and there is a huge amount of data on social media that requires collection, classification and analysis; Delegate Rasha knows the importance of accuracy and authenticity that is why we expanded and started a human-based team to take that responsibility, based on your perspective.

At the end of the sentiment analysis, you can ask for your final precise report, too.

The recent years have witnessed a great rise in Artificial Intelligence, at Delegate Rasha we are one of the pioneer vendors in AI services, we have a team of highly skilled AI programmers to create an emotion-script for Neuromarketing studies, including text reading, speech hearing, measuring sentiment and face recognition.